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A Guide How To Set-Up WordPress Properly

Although achieving Best WordPress SEO means addressing some WordPress-specific issues the fundamentals of SEO apply to any sort of site. It’s possible to ensure the failure of your SEO efforts before you even start. It is also possible to urge over-excited by the detail and forget the key issues that need to be addressed. In this article, we’ll be addressing the most key, to set up a proper WordPress website.

WordPress SEO can be improved during a number of the way by adjusting the configuration. Plugins are available to assist you. So, it’s a comparatively simple task. However, the secret is still to supply properly optimized content.


When you decide to start a new website using WordPress, there are a couple of things you should take into consideration before getting started. You will need to make some choices about choosing Themes, Plugins, Add-on and having the Best WordPress SEO.

But don’t worry — it doesn’t have to be complicated. Start here to learn the basics, and then you can start applying them to your own website.

What Is SEO?

What is seo

SEO worked with your website and make sure you have the best results from search engine searches. Knowing what terms people type in when they search for a product/ service helps you decide what words to use on your website. If you offer any type of service, a quick search for SEO Words will tell you that you shouldn’t use any random keyword’ as a primary keyword as most people search for the specific/ targeted word not random.

If someone searches for something specific, you want to make sure your website comes up in the results. The more you do with SEO, the higher your site will come up in search results

Why SEO is Important

If you are serious about your online business, you cannot ignore the search engine.

Most online traffic comes from search engines. If someone is in need of something, they’ll head to their favourite search engine, say Google, type in what they’re looking for and then are presented with a list of websites that focus on the terms the searcher entered into.

Rarely do searchers visit past the third page of search results and even then, the number of people who move from page 1, to page 2 to page 3 drops significantly.

Could the search engines find you anyway without optimizing your site?

Absolutely! But without giving them a helping hand by using SEO techniques, you’re likely to end up deep within the results pages and will never be seen by anyone. In other words, it’s like climbing an ice-covered mountain in skates; not impossible but very, very formidable.

Does WordPress have Advantages for SEO?

WordPress SEO (and blogs in general) has advantages over static sites:

No technical knowledge needed – Through the utilization of plugins WordPress is often made to do more or less what you would like. Content is often created/amended and site wide policies implemented/changed very easily.

Frequent Updating – The search engines prefer to see activity sites and blogs are likely to be updated more frequently than static sites. This is due to the character of blogs, but also because it is very easy to make a post or page compared to the work involved in creating a replacement page on a static site.

Best WordPress SEO

The basics of WordPress SEO aren’t difficult but need to be followed through carefully. Below are various things you need to do both to set-up WordPress properly and to supply search engine-friendly content.

Choose the correct keywords

This is always the key to successful SEO, it’s worth spending time at the outset to review the competition and remember the quantity of labour it will desire rank for the chosen keywords.

Use an SEO friendly Theme

Many themes are designed to look good instead of support WordPress SEO. It’s therefore advisable to choose a theme that satisfies both, even if this does mean looking at premium (paid for) themes.

Set Permalinks

Make sure that the Permalinks are set to “%postname%” which suggests that the post/page title will appear within the URL. For WordPress SEO purposes this is much better than the default setting which is to use a variety.

Create Sitemap

Create a site map for the search engines. A plugin like “Google XML Sitemaps” makes this easy.

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Install the “Yoast’s SEO” plugin

This is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins for users that want to increase their site’s traffic. It uses page analysis to help you optimize everything from your page content and image titles to meta descriptions, images, and more. This plugin can fulfill all your basic SEO needs. You can set templates for titles and meta descriptions, use the snippet preview function to see how your website will look on Google, and test your site for specific focus keywords.

Other functions of this WordPress SEO plugin include:

  • Giving control over how titles are displayed
  • Controlling duplicate content by preventing it from being indexed
  • Allowing the entry of metadata for each page post
  • On Each Page/Post:
  • Write a compelling title, including a keyword.
  • Edit the URL as necessary. If your title is long, shorten the URL ensuring to stay the keyword.
  • Use the keyword altogether headings.
  • Use the keyword throughout the content and particularly within the first sentence.
  • Include a graphic and put the keyword as the ALT text.
  • Write an honest meta description.
  • Have links to other pages/posts on your site.

Include external links to authority sites in your niche. use caution not to link to any site that Google may consider dubious as this will reflect on your site.

Producing search engine-friendly content is basically the key to WordPress SEO and you actually need to check each page/post before publishing it. Fortunately, you can install a plugin to do this for you.


We hope this article helped you find out how to properly set up your WordPress site for SEO. Act and implement a couple of those WordPress SEO tips, and you ought to see an increase in your traffic within a couple of months as the search engines process your changes.

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