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Getting your first sale on Fiverr

“I published a gig two weeks ago, and I haven’t gotten my first sale”

“I published my gig two months ago, and I haven’t gotten my first sale”

“I published my gig last year, and I haven’t gotten my first sale”


If any of the above clearly describes your fiverr situation, today’s your lucky day. In this article, we’ll go through how you can fix your situation for the better.

As a seller who’s just starting to freelance, getting your first order might be hard. Hard, not because clients are scarce, but because of your inexperienced mindset or methodology.

After giving it a lot of thought and doing some research, we’ve realized that there are three simple things you might be doing that prevent you from making your first sale.

As new sellers on Fiverr, most people often do the following thing:

  • Create an account
  • Fill out their profile
  • Publish a gig and wait for someone to come along and buy that gig

Well, in the past, when Fiverr was a new platform, that strategy probably worked. But today that there are thousands of freelancers on Fiverr competing for the same jobs, this strategy would be dead on arrival.

So, as a brand-new seller, the truth about why you are not gaining any traction is that you’ve set the wrong goals. If you’re a brand new seller and you’re trying to make your very first sale, there are three main goals you need to focus on:

  • First, you need to get your gig seen by a potential buyer
  • Second, you need that potential buyer to click and open your gig page and
  • Third, you need to close the sale by having that buyer order your gig

Seems like a pretty simplistic way to view things, right?

Perhaps it is because these strategies can make you outstanding and distinguish you from the thousands on Fiverr who just publish a gig and wait for someone to discover them. Let’s go in-depth.


What Fiverr is and How it Works


Surface your Gig to Buyers

So, when we look at the steps to get the first sale, the most essential one obviously, is to have a buyer see your gig because they can’t order a gig they didn’t see.

Today, buyers on Fiverr don’t click on a category and then start scrolling through hundreds of gigs under it, because it’s a waste of their precious time.

Instead, they come to the platform and simply type what they’re looking for in the search bar. The painful truth is that the Fiverr search algorithm, like any other search engine, basically tries to surface the most relevant gigs for a specific buyer.

Your first priority is to optimize your gigs to surface in a search result. If that doesn’t happen, a buyer will never even know of your gig, and you’ll never make a sale.

As a new seller, the trick is not just surfacing in a generic search result because it’ll be challenging for a greenhorn to compete against hundreds and hundreds of offerings in a search result.

Let’s do the math – if a search produced one thousand results and your gig is 990 of 1,000, the odds are pretty much stacked against you that a potential buyer will even see your gig.

Instead, when we talk about trying to surface your gig for a search result, we’re talking about how you can narrow your focus by doing some research in your niche to find out what potential buyers are looking for and then optimize your gigs to surface under those specific keyword phrases that potentially produce far fewer results.

A perfect example of how to do this in the Writing niche is to do keyword research on what potential buyers are looking for, see for yourself what the playing field is, and then narrow focus to appear foremostly in those search results.


Get Buyers to Click your Gig

Now that you’ve optimized your gig to appear top amongst a couple of results, what next?

The next thing is to get potential buyers to click and open your gig page. This can be done by having attractive thumbnails, compelling gig videos, and smartly written gig titles.

So, when you conduct your own search in this specific category, look at what your competitors’ gigs look like with regards to their thumbnails and their gig videos because your sole objective here is to get a potential buyer to click and watch your video or see your thumbnail and open your gig.

Quality signals: The method of ranking your fiverr gigs


Close the sale with an order

So, you’ve surfaced in a search, gotten a buyer to click on your gig, and open the gig page. How do you close that sale?

Well, you can do that by having a fully completed gig page.

That means doing things like uploading high-quality gig images, relevant samples to your portfolio, having a completely filled out gig description, frequently asked questions, and having a pricing structure that really appeals to a buyer.

All these give potential buyers the confidence to go you, despite being a new seller.

And as a new seller, you’d want to make the process as easy and smooth for that potential buyer as possible. So, don’t put in words like contact me before you buy because that’s just one barrier that you’ve put up between you and the sale.

What this line does is to give the buyer the impression that you’re not confident that you can deliver on what you’re selling.


All these seem like a pretty simple process, right? Well, it really isn’t as complicated as you might have hitherto thought. Doing these things will significantly increase your odds and convert your first sale.

But you can take it one step further and create six additional gigs using the same niche to increase your chances of converting a sale. And we don’t mean just replicating what you did earlier, five more times – think about another specific search term that you could rank for and create a brand-new gig tailored to that particular keyword.

To be honest, one of the early goals for any new seller is finding a hero gig – a fancy way of describing a primary gig that will drive most of your sales. So, as a new seller, ensure to cast your net as wide as you can. As you start to gain traction in the form of sales and reviews, try to change that hero gig from being super specific to something much more encompassing.


What Not to Do to Get Your First Order

Many acclaimed sellers might encourage you to buy fake reviews, exchange ratings and reviews with other sellers, or build several profiles. Honestly, these suggestions are bad, and you shouldn’t listen to them.

Prove to the platform that you are worth your onions, and you’d be rewarded with plenty of visibility as well as your first order in no time. Put all the above tips in action, and Fiverr would bring more buyers tp\o you.



And there are our thoughts on how you can clinch your Fiverr’s first order.

Hopefully, this has helped you simplify what to do in order to quickly make that first sale on Fiverr. Please let us know what you think in the comment section.

And if you are a pro seller and there’s something you used to make your first sale that is missing herein, please try to contribute to the discussion. Look forward to hearing from you.


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How to Rank Your Gig for Better Results on Fiverr

Well Here we go again. The Question all seller always asks, when they are selling service on Fiverr. IT IS, How can I rank my Fiverr gig on Fiverr search engine.

In this post you’re going to learn how you can Rank Your Gig for Better Results on Fiverr.

Let boom Into It
If you are a lover of Fiverr forum, I’m sure you would’ve been seeing these posts on the forum from time to time. Many sellers have the same question:

Why isn’t my gig visible when I search for it?” and “What’s up with Fiverr’s algorithm? My gig is on the last page!!!”.

In this post I’ll try to answer those questions, and give some (hopefully) helpful tips and tricks to help you rank your gig in Fiverr Search, and get more orders and better visibility.


This isn’t a full-proof guide in any way. Following the following pointers doesn’t guarantee top placement within the search, and won’t be a magical solution to the age-old question “how to urge more orders”, but following the following pointers should assist you to get a far better sense of how the Fiverr algorithm works, and the way you’ll improve your gigs to urge better results.

Search optimization (SEO) for your gig
Most folks haven’t any clue when it involves SEO. It’s some strange expert term employed by people to urge websites high in Google, right? Well, it’s a touch quite that. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And what’s the search function on Fiverr? an enquiry engine for gigs. So it is sensible that you simply need to optimize your gig therefore the program will see it as relevant when people look for your niche.


This is done using keywords. Keywords are simply relevant words for your niche. If you’re selling SEO-Backlinks, “seo backlinksmay be a relevant keyword. If you’re selling explainer videos, “explainer video” may be a relevant keyword, and so on.

Keywords Adding
Add relevant keywords to your Gig Title:
Just having one, relevant keyword in your gig title could help your ranking.

Here’s an example:

If you’re selling SEO backlinks, and your title is “I will build SEO Backlinks for you”, “SEO backlinksis going to be your main keyword. If someone is looking to shop for an SEO backlink, likelihood is thatthey’re going to look for that on Fiverr.

Add keywords to your tags:
You should also add relevant keywords as search tags in your gig. You’re asked to incorporate 5 tags once you found out your gig for the primary time. you’ll also add tags later, by editing your gig.

You should think twice about which tags you employto form them as relevant as possible. Take into consideration what people are checking out when creating your tags.

Finding great keywords:

fiverr keyword


A great way of finding good keywords is to look for similar gigs using the search function on Fiverr. You’ll get suggestions supported popular search terms once you start typing within the search field. for instance, if you type in “SEO backlink” within the search box, several relevant suggestions will appear. this will assist you to narrow down keywords that are popular and relevant for your gig.

In this particular example, “SEO backlinks”, “do follow backlinks”, “SEO” and “white hat SEO backlinks” might be good keywords to think about. Adding details about your service that are relevant in search is additionally an honest way of getting higher rankings.
For example, you’ll add the Indexing to your SEO backlinks service, or if you’re adding On-page SEO” would be relevant.

Remember that you can combine keywords to make them even more relevant. For example “SEO” and “On-page” fit nicely together if you’re selling SEO On-page. You get the idea.

Remember that you simply can combine keywords to form them even more relevant. for instance “SEO” and “On-page” fit nicely together if you’re selling SEO On-page. You get the thought.

Another way of finding relevant tags is to seem at the competition. That successful gig with 1K+ five-star reviews in your niche is perhaps doing something right. inspect which keywords the competition is using, and you’ll get in on a number of that program goodness.

If you visit their gig and scroll down, you’ll see that gig’s search tags. Don’t forget that you simply should only use keywords that are relevant to your gig. you would like the proper people to seek out you in search, so use the proper keywords.

How to add Keywords in Gig description?
Adding keywords in your Gig description:
Another important factor to recollect is that the gig description. While you ought to include keywords here also, it’s important to not over-do it! If you stuff your description filled with keywords, it’ll turn buyers away.

Once a buyer has landed on your gig, your main goal should be to

possess knowledgeable, great looking gig description and video that tells the customer why they ought to order from you. this is often your home to shine, so don’t destroy it with keyword-stuffing.

This doesn’t mean you ought to avoid keywords in your gig description, but you ought to include them during a way that appears natural to the reader.

Example: If you’re selling poster design, you’ll include your keyword by starting your description with “I will do amazing poster design…” and include sentences like “I’ve been working with professional poster design for 3 years…” etc. Just make it look natural.

How to add Keywords in URL?

Keywords in the Gig URL:

This ties alongside keywords within the gig title. Remember that you simply can’t change the Gig URL after you’ve got published the gig, so confirm to think about this when you’re setting the gig up for the primary time.

The link to your gig is automatically generated supported by your gig title. If you place your most vital keyword within the title of your gig as I discussed earlier, it’ll become a neighbourhood of your gig URL also.

Increase your conversion rate
You might have seen the “conversion rate” in your gig stats. this is often just a statistic on what percentage potential buyers you turned in to actual buyers.
Example: One buyer is trying to find an SEO backlink, and he clicks on your gig. If he just takes a glance before leaving, that’s not a conversion. If the customer finishes up making an order from you, that’s a conversion.

Because of this, the conversion rate may be a good indicator of how good you’re at turning potential buyers into actual buyers.

There are several belongings you can do to enhance your conversion rate. Having knowledgeable gig video is shown to enhance conversions. So are having an excellent gig description. Many factors enter whether or not a buyer will order from you, so I’ve included some useful threads you ought to read when you’re done here:

some useful threads you should read when you’re done here:

Ten Tips to Optimize Your Gigs, Create Trust, and Get Sales Tips for Sellers

There are lots of posts about people wanting to improve their gigs, requesting reviews, tips etc to get them more orders. I want to help out my fellow freelancers – hence this post. I believe I am currently the most successful PRO seller in the articles and blog posts category on Fiverr (between 30 and 40 orders a month, and around $5,000 in revenue), and have spent considerable time and effort optimizing my gigs for sales. I believe these optimization efforts apply to any type of gig, not jus…

“I’m new and need sales” – 3 Top Tips & Tricks to Generating Sales from a Top Rated Seller Tips for Sellers

Hey guys! Let’s cut straight to the chase. You’re a new seller (or maybe even an older seller experiencing a sales slum). Here are my 3 top tips for generating sales: 1. Interlink your services and create related gigs I’ve seen many new sellers fall into two traps when first creating their gigs. One of these traps is to create multiple gigs which are essentially the same thing (such as “create modern logo design”, “create a unique logo”, “design your logo”) in the hopes of getting more traffic…

Increasing your conversion rate will help your gig to rank higher in search results because the algorithm will recognize that you’re successful and in-demand on the platform. If you’re making money for Fiverr by being successful, they will make money for you.

Stay online, and stay active
Fiverr is usually looking to land subsequent sale, so it’s natural to assume they’re going to give online sellers which will respond quickly to messages and obtain the work donea plus within the search results.


If you’re awake and available, be online on Fiverr.com 10 or in the app. This will gain you more visibility in search. Something you should never do is use tools to cheat the system by staying online 24/7. This is both against the ToS, and it’s unethical. Buyers are looking for sellers that are available to respond, so only be online when you’re available.


Climb the levels

Once you begin getting a particular amount of orders, positive reviews, and time spent selling on Fiverr, your level should increase. you’ll read more about how Fiverr levels work here: https://www.fiverr.com/levels 57
If you create an enquiry for something on Fiverr or visit a category, the likelihood is thatthe upper-level sellers will appear first within the results. This isn’t always the case, as Fiverr sometimes provides a lift to new sellers – but as a general rule, having a better level will cause you to more visible on the web site and within the search.
Maintain a superb response rate and time


Maintain an excellent response rate and time

This ties in with being online. If you’re a responsive seller who replies quickly to messages from buyers, you’re more likely to show up high in the search results. Always try to maintain your response rate and response time, and get back to buyers quickly if they contact you.

Make more gigs
This is an excellent way to become more visible in search. Let’s say you’re a WordPress developer. In your gig, you offer several services associated with WordPress.

Then why not create more gigs? you’ll have one gig for “theme installation and configuration” and another for “fixing WordPress errors”. Having several gigs will increase the probabilities of your gig being relevant for the customerand visual in search.

Just confine mind that Fiverr is not any fan of duplicate gigs, so don’t make two gigs for an equivalent servicethey ought to all be unique. And if they’re properly optimized, you’re on your thanks to becoming a successful seller here on Fiverr.

Now you only need to exert, deliver great quality whenever, and help the buyers out there solve their problems. If you’re professional, offer something unique at an honest price, and market your services well, you ought to hopefully succeed!

I hope my tips help. If you implement any or all of them in your gig and see results, I’d like to hear from you during this thread!

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How to generate more sales on Fiverr

When I first acknowledged Fiverr I used to be amazed, working freelance while not being tied to at least one location was something new to me and that I was really excited about it… until I created my first gig.

Days, weeks and months were passing and nobody would ever buy my service albeit people were clicking thereon and that I wasn’t ready to see another solution until I found some amazing course on the web that helped me to understand that Fiverr isn’t the brand but you’re the brand yourself.

Building a trust-based reference to your customer may sound more sort of a business based thing and what I actually teach isn’t the regular business concept but it’s a more sort of friendship based thing where you get to supply people with everything that you simply need to offer, for free, then once you build your audience you’ll be also selling them your service if someone needs one so what you would like to try to start thinking outside of Fiverr because once you are building your name the platform doesn’t matter, your name is what matters.

If you see my name/picture, you’ll recognize it regardless of if it’s on Fiverr, youtube, Facebook, Instagram or the other place on this web so what you would like to try to do is to make your social media profiles where you’ll reach bent people and drive them to Fiverr only they’re in need of your service.

Take my example, I’m running a Blogs and that I am sharing valuable information with my audience every 3 days, some people love it, some people don’t, but those who are loving it are those that I’m that specialize in and therefore the ones that are the audience that I’m talking about.

Now every single follower that I even have recognized truth worth of my contents and values my advice and a few of them may have more detailed advice about their precise situation so there’s where my service comes in, I link my Fiverr profile to all or any my Website so anyone who thinks that they have a private consultation with me can reach me at Fiverr, so I exploit Fiverr as a tool to sell my service same as I exploit Blogs to offer a free sample of it.

I pay Fiverr 20% of my earnings because they’re providing me with a free platform where I offers my services (not that I even have much of a choice :sweat_smile: ) but you see if I’m close to using let’s say skrill as my platform, then I want to create an internet site where I can explain what my service offer and far more so why to do this once they already built a tool for that specific use making my business look professional…

Also, once you begin selling your services to folks that you met outside of Fiverr, Fiverr also will recommend you to insiders since your gig will have the very best rankings, and you’ll make certain of that because you’re selling your service to someone that already trusts you and is already satisfied together with your service.

How can i get my first order on fiverr?
Here is some tip to those that are looking to urge their first order on Fiverr.
here is my tip to those that are looking to urge their first order in Fiverr.
1- Create a knowledgeable look profile with an image during which you look happy, it creates a positive impression on your client.

2- Choose only that field during which you’ve got great command in working like graphic designing.

3- Create some outstanding gigs during which you show your original work not that employment which you upload from google.

4- Most significantly must ADD VIDEO of your work (if you’re also within the video then it create a more good impression on the client).

5- In the beginning spend some more quality time online in Fiverr and check out to research other person Gigs which are in the top ranking, it helps you in creating your gigs.

6- Try to Order a day by keeping your field of experience in mind.

7- Provide free stuff in your gigs and check out to start out your gig with $5.

If you follow these steps I’m just about sure that you simply got your first order could also be within 2 days or maybe in 1st day of your work.

When you creating a gig use Fiverr optimize words to your title and outline .and tags too.these words you’ll get from the Fiverr search result. and you ought to always act in Fiverr site.this will work 1000% for your GIG. you ought to create your GIG eye-catching to the customer.

Important Note: Always keep your promise which you affect your customer, attempt to complete your order before the deadline, work smartly, give some free stuff together with your order and most significantly be helpful and ask if you’ll help the customer with anything else.

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Quality signals: The method of ranking your fiverr gigs

While most folks are unaware of the Fiverr algorithm, most of the top-rated sellers and other people who are here on Fiverr for years agree that it’s the sport of Signals which Fiverr gets from our work behavior a day on this platform.

In order to work out which gigs deserve visibility over others. The ranking process of Gigs is handled by Fiverr own proprietary algorithm, which Keeps on looking and tracking at the simplest “quality signals”

Fiverr algorithm signals
These signals depend on the work behavior and therefore the ability of the vendor to:





1. ATTRACTION: Once we mention attraction, it covers the general presentation of your Gig’s which you’ve got made to point out your buyer. These Gigs should have the potential to draw in the customer who needs your niche service to speak to you leaving the opposite sellers.
2.  ENGAGEMENT: Now that the potential buyer has left you a message it’s upon you ways fast you answer that message and have interaction the client together with your best professional conversation providing him the complete knowledge of your services and what he will get and in what proportion time if the customer purchases your services.
3. CONVERSION: While the opposite signals have their own important place, this signal is that the most vital among others. it’s the simplest think about ranking your Gig. The customer who approached you ought to be converted to a purchase from your Gig which tells Fiverr about the extent of professionalism that you simply are providing to the potential buyers.
4. FULFILLMENT: The last signal is about the fulfillment it reflects your ability to supply on-time delivery of services to the purchasers. The services you provide should get on time first of all and up to the mark of satisfaction to the customer in order that he may provide you the simplest review and from my experience offer you a tip if he’s 100% satisfied together with your services.
5. POSITIVE REVIEW AND TIP: Nowadays Fiverr is stressing on the consistency of positive reviews to boost your rankings and merge you within the best sellers, every seller must provide the work delivery to the simplest of their ability to earn the simplest reviews consistently, if you get a tip by the customer it’ll be a cherry on the cake but remember never ask your buyer to supply a review consistent with your wish or a tip it’s going to be harmful to your Fiverr career.
Remember the theory:


Get best SEO Service
Hope this Content will help you out to gain your first sales on fiverr and to supply the simplest of their services to the buyers and help themselves to realize the simplest rankings and sales on Fiverr

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