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Charming k. Fashion Channel Management Project

This channel is all about the world of fashion on the everyday budget and keeping up with the styles. This is a Charming k lifestyle/fashion channel! Charming k plan to show you all what he thinks is hot, how he dresses for different situations, some DIY to make your own styles and some shopping tips and trips threw in. I am also an inspiring Brand Ambassador so I will be doing box reveals when certain stores and brands send me things for my Instagram! I would love to also do Q&As about fashion, shopping, etc! You can check the channel out, to see how you should dress for a different location/events! I know you all enjoy Charming k Videos!







Dec 13, 2020
Channel Manager
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charming K YouTube Art

The Brief

Our focus on the channel was to Optimize the channel & video (Tags, About us, Description, Title, Research Keywords. etc )

Below is the message we had with  “Charmingk”

Hey there I had a few questions about your services

Me: “Hi charmingk, thanks for reaching out to us. What kind of question do you wanna ask… we here to answer any questions you have.”

charmingk: “If I were to do the $200 would I need to have all 10 videos ready at once or could it be done weekly per video?”

Me: “How many videos do you have on your channel now?”

charmingk: “16”

charmingk: “But it would be new videos that I would want to work on them with”

Me: “could it be done weekly per video?
— yes it could be done weekly but we will deliver the order when the time due, then you can message me when the remaining video is available…”

Me: “But it would be new videos that I would want to work on them with.
— no problem.”

charmingk: “Okay so I post every Friday. We would be able to optimize and set up every video before every Friday?”

charmingk: “Sorry I’m only asking because the last person I went with said yes and had an issue with having to do it ever week like we discussed”

Me: “Ok…”

Me: “Sorry I’m only asking because the last person I went with said yes and had an issue with having to do it ever week like we discussed
— first sorry about that. I’m not like other people.. I can even send you my ConT”

Me: “You can place your order when you’re ready”

charmingk: “So if I were to order the 5 could you do my previous 2 videos and my video that goes up today? And then you can do my next 2 videos that I’m going to post in the next week and following?”

Me: “Ok… place the order and give me the details.”


Below you’ll see the strategies we use for the project and the screenshot


SEO Content Strategy

We build a thorough content strategy for the channel organization that touches upon high-level messaging.

Channel Manager

We help improve channel optimization to engage new audiences. We reset and redo all the YouTube channel settings.

SEO Strategy

We help improve B2B Channel engage the audience throughout the audiences' journey using SEO.

Our Strategy

In this Channel Optimization of the project, we helped identify key target search terms, performed a technical search on the channel and Do all the settings the channel needed, from adding keywords to the channel, for YouTube to find the channel when using the targeted keywords. Then Our team verified the channel for YouTube to activate the thumbnail for the channel videos.

Our creative team then developed an integrated strategy with Unum’s own in-house digital team, to create useful, engaging content for the channel SEO and externally, positioning Unum of websites.

Our team worked on the channel Description, Tags, about us, Title, #Tags, Keywords. etc. The team also developed and attracted the key target through the media. These campaigns were often built around popular events and awareness days, such as cam girl job and webcam job, which the client supported heavily.


Step 1. We redo all the channel settings.

Step 2. We edited the channel about us.

Step 3. We research and add the target keyword to the channel & video for YouTube to find the channel on the search engines.

Step 4. We create high and readable content for the channel and video Tags, Descriptions, #Tags, Titles. etc.

Step 5. We Promoted the channel & the video, the video gain a more than 10k audience and 100 new subscribers.

Step 6. We promote the channel through Social Media to generate awareness and visibility.

Below you will find all the screenshots results before and after work is done.

Review on the work we did for CharmingkFashion

CharmingkFashion Feedback
Charmingk photo
Answered all questions, worked fast, really explained his choices as well which I liked.



Those are the work we did on Charming k. Fashion channel. If you are looking for the same work or you are looking for SEO for your website or youtube you can contact me on Whatsapp{+234 (708)-839-3982} or on Fiverr

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