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BuyFiverrSEO is the trusted go-to on Fiverr when it comes to services in the digital marketing niche such as SEO management, Website Traffic Campaign, SEO Dofollow Backlink Building, as well as YouTube Video and Channel First Page Ranking, Promotion and Management.
Whatever may be the size of your business or brand, you sure want it to continue expanding and growing. There’s no better, organic way to achieve that than putting yourself on the radar of your audience or target market through highly-ranked websites or YouTube channels, videos. FirstSEOExpert can get that ranking done for you!
By ordering any of these SEO services on Fiverr, you get to benefit and tap from our extensive experience and successful portfolio that stretches over 8 long years of solving unique SEO problems and providing spectacular solutions. Altogether, this helps to lessen your SEO ranking worries, dominate your competitors, and secure that prime first page spot you’ve always wanted or desired on Google.
To top it all, amazing testimonials from each of our past 100+ clients showcase and highlight their satisfaction at getting much more than they expected, by way of indepth market researches, near-quick results, ethical and sustainable services, as well as full transparency.

My name is Olaitan T. Samson Founder of SAMSTOF TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY, I’m in Computer Engineer and Digital Marketing field {i.e SEO and Management and Website Traffic Campaign}(I base in Africa) I’m a Founder of Otdp.org / Seobacklinkz.com / Buyfiverr.com also. I have 8+ years of experience in my fields, This webpage base on my Fiverr account {username: Firstseoexpert}.

I’ve worked for many Companies & Online Clients that needed help on SEO service for their websites _ We’ve Successfully ranked and brought higher-good web visitors to clients’ websites more than 95% of competitors (page One of google) just after One month of publishing their website… I have 8+ years of experience in Digital marketing {SEO and Management and Website Traffic Campaign}., so I’m here to help people out with their business for an affordable price.
Our Best Features
SEO Strategy
We build a thorough SEO strategy for your organization that touches upon high-level ranking
Content Marketing
We have a dedicated support staff that works on your content each and every day.
Website & Social Media Marketing
We manage the entire website, youtube and social media efforts for our clients. Some clients prefer a hands-on approach.
Why You Should Order From us

Extensive Experience

BuyFiverrSEO has been in the business of ranking websites and YouTube videos, channels for the past eight years. We would most definitely leverage our extensive experience, unique skill sets in the successful execution of your orders.

Efficient Work Model

No one knows your business or brand any more than yourself. Ordering BuyFiverrSEO translates to committing your project in the hands of an SEO service provider that values your inputs or contribution. But, it does not stop there. BuyFiverrSEO researches your competition and merges that with your contribution to turbo boost your visibility.

Cutting-Edge Expertise

BuyFiverrSEO blends the duo of multidisciplinary approaches and skill sets in various digital marketing niches to craft distinct search engine optimisation solutions for your business.
Happy Clients
Years Of Experience
SEO Winners
Finished Projects
Virtues and Hallmarks

Dear prospective SEO service buyer, BuyFiverrSEO understands what professionalism entails and why it’s important in business deals. That’s why our services continue to revolve around the following hallmarks:


All thanks to our extensive experience and upbringing in the SEO and digital marketing niche, BuyFiverrSEO distinctively out-thinks all other Fiverr SEO sellers to automagically get your brand the much-needed online visibility and ranking.


For the past eight years, BuyFiverrSEO has always been driven and kept going by the passion to make clients' SEO dreams come true. That is why this seller ethically ventures where nobody dares, to be able to over-deliver on promises.


BuyFiverrSEO is the credible Fiverr seller that understands the grave importance of timelines and deadlines to brand success. That is why this seller never rests on his oars until that result you so much crave is achieved, even before deadlines.


From design, strategy down to execution and results, BuyFiverrSEO has got your back and would strive twice as hard to deliver on your gig order.

Let's get started, shall we?

The Story of Me

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions for their website.


A Brief History
We joined the team Freelancer and after much success, the agency was eventually.


Something Big
The team moves into our first office.


The Army Grows
My team And I grow around 8, as amazing new clients come on board.


An Award-Winning Creation
Continued growth in cool new clients means that our team continues.


Expansion & Awards
The team grows to nearly 10, working with some incredible clients.
What Clients Say About Us

Firstseoexpert clients and their results are the best proof that our methodologies work. But we’ve also received numerous awards and praise from the media and our peers.